CE Marking

CE marking – EN 1090 – Self-supporting structural coverings cladding

The quality of execution of a structural self-supporting cover depends on compliance with standardized technical requirements. In Europe, the standard that defines this set of requirements, for all stages of the process is EN 1090.
– CE marking is required to fabricate, install and sell structural steel and aluminium components in Europe.
– This obligation is regulated by DL 130/2013 which establish fines for manufacturers who do not comply with this legislation.
– Blocotelha’s product have CE marking for execution class – EXC4, for all the profiles that manufacture and assemble: BC114, BT900, BT700, BT850, BT90 and BT70.
Ensuring compliance with CE marking for all Blocotelha products is the only way of protect the interests of our clients.

*EN 1090-4:2018 – Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures – Part 4: Technical requirements for cold-formed structural steel members and sheeting and cold-formed steel structures for roof, ceiling, floor and wall and cladding applications.