The self-supporting system is characterized by the fact that it does not need any traditional trusses to support the roof.

This solution was pioneered by Blocotelha on the Portuguese market and can be used in both metal framed and reinforced concrete buildings.

This system is greatly appreciated by architects because it is clean and simple and can be used to create an aesthetically simple effect. The self-supporting system is unbeatable for speed of assembly, too.

As well as allowing assembly on site in record time, it also has a competitive price/quality ratio compared with other construction systems.

Two different types of profiles are available – Omega and Trapezoidal – adjusted to the needs of each project.




The Omega roof profiles are highly associated with the company itself and were introduced into the Portuguese market by Blocotelha. They were a completely new product, thanks to their unique geometry and their application had, at the time, had never been seen before.

They are particularly suitable for large free span roofs of up to 30 meters, and still have an excellent price-quality ratio.




With a more familiar geometry, usually seen on the façades of low-rise industrial buildings, their use in self-supporting roofs was started in Portugal by the Meneses Group, and it still has exclusivity in the Portuguese and Spanish markets today.