It answers the challenges launched by architects, designers and final customers, providing technical and aesthetic solutions that exceed their expectations.



The Standing Seam covering system is today widely recognized by Architects as a “perfect” construction solution for metal roofs. This highly elegant system, with excellent technical performance, provides coverings for any type of architectural form, giving the project planner complete creative freedom.

The Skinzip® system has intrinsic advantages for this construction type and has been developed to its highest levels. It can be applied to large spans and many different shapes, including curves. It is a modern construction system, which can be adapted to any project, associated with other types of materials and providing architectural solutions which are enriched by the different shapes which it allows, thanks to its versatility.

It has fundamental characteristics in terms of environment, comfort, resistance, levity, as well as being beautiful. The thin materials allow for extremely light roofs, reducing construction costs and energy use.

As well as providing the possibility for complete, high-quality projects, SKINZIP® offers many accessories, carefully designed and studied:

  • Clips to fix the System to the support structur
  • Systems for translucent areas
  • Systems for introducing light wells and ventilation
  • Different types of finishes for roofs and façades
  • Systems for introducing chimneys and openings in general
  • Accessories for installing gutters and roof ridges
  • Accessories for extra attachments, such as walkways, or solar energy systems, etc.



The SKINZIP® solution is constantly being improved and developed. Each new project has its own particular needs, and we give them the best solution. The personalized SKINZIP® service, with post-sales care, is inseparable from the products sold.

The constant development of solutions, designing new pieces and building systems, are fundamental concepts for SKINZIP®, to meet the growing needs of the market, linked to new materials and construction technology.